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NÖHR is a danish sing and songwriter band. 

As true musicians, Nöhr band is searching for the authentic sound. 
They do not use any gadgets like autotune or playback tracks. 

The music is storytelling and moodsetting laidback lounge pop/balllade jazz. The music is inspired by some of the greatest artists like Leonard Cohen, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Pulp, Sting, Eric Clapton and Johnny Cash.

Behind the music is 40 year old NÖHR, alies Mikkel Nøhr, who writes he's songs with inspiration from he's ups and downs in life. Nothing's sacred when Mikkel Nøhr, with he's characteristic vocals, upens up he's heart and puts life in perspective.

“May the music that inspires my soul flow through my fingers" 


NÖHR is proud and honored Ambassador of Heart Pulse (Hjerte Puls), a charity for the Danish Heart Foundation.

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Charity for the Danish Heart Foundation.
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